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Miami Beach CF About MBCF - Miami Beach CF


Was born in October, 2018 as an idea from Tony Iafrate and developed alongside Filippo and Lorenzo Bertolini.

The club was conceived with the intention of creating the first ever football club in the city of Miami Beach. In fact, we were astonished that such an important city in the international scene, was not represented in world of soccer.

As it has been since its beginning, the project is not limited to creating a local club, though we understand the importance on creating a club with which fans can identify with we also know Miami Beach CF has the potential to become a global soccer brand. The idea is to give the city a team that sees the fan not as a mere spectator, but as an active member in the choices of the club society. Each member will be an integral part of the project, and with their participation this will be a global community united and driven by a single great passion: soccer.