The First and Only Soccer Team of The City of Miami Beach

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Being part of Miami Beach CF can give you a very extensive connection bridge for the knowledge of your brand or business. Positioned in a place of world recognition, thanks to representing some of the most vibrant spots on the planet in football, we invite you to build a future together.

Your brand can be uploaded and have worldwide visibility by being part of our sports team sponsorship schemes, our official merchandising and all our official club communications.

Additionally, you can promote your products, issue advertising messages and build brand equity through the benefits offered by the offer of a lot of audiovisual content that we constantly create and distribute. From the broadcasts of the matches, sports summaries, artistic videos and original creations.

Here are your participation options and we look forward to your inquiry. We are eager to create value with you and we are always open to evaluate options for joint collaboration.

Become a sponsor, grow with us and be part of the bright future of the club that represents the coolest city in the world.

Be part of something new that adds value to the city.
Cement yourself as a part of Miami Beach history.
Gain global and local exposure.
Become part of a rapidly growing community.
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Miami Beach, Florida, USA.