The First and Only Soccer Team of The City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach Club de Fútbol is the first professional soccer team in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach CF played this UPSL League season in the spring of 2020, playing all of its home games at Flamingo Park.
After this season ends, the team plans to play in 2020 US Open Cup wich will see the club play among all the ranks of American Soccer. The team will then adamantly seek to play in the USL 1 League for the 2021 season.

Our Dream

Our dream is to give Miami Beach a team worth its name while being an integral part of the city itself.

Utilizing Miami Beach’s global impact and the world’s affinity with soccer, Miami Beach Club de Fútbol will be a sustainable soccer model and brand with unlimited reach and potential that is recognized world wide.

We dream to have a lasting, positive impact on the Miami Beach Community, bringing in a winning culture while striving to be positive and charitable force in the area.

MBCF will be a club that is known for giving those across the world and opportunity to be part of their team and play fútbol regardless of where they are from. We will create a youth academy, women´s team, and multiple men´s teams to achieve this goal.

Our Journey

October 2018
Birth of MBCF

Miami Beach Club de Fútbol was born and started its journey.

August 2019
First round of investment

Massimo Nicastro becomes the teams majority owner after purchasig a stake in MBCF.

October 2019
Second round of investment

Fabio Massaro became a Co-Owner.

First Open Tryouts

On this weekend MBCF held its first open tryouts to much succes.

Second Open Tryouts

MBCF held another successful round of open tryouts.

Final Tryout

We hold our third and final tryouts of our first year. This will allow us to fill out and finalize our roster.

First Team begins training

Coach Villarreal begun training a group of 18 players selected from the first two tryouts.

Press Outreach

We finalized our media/press agency partner search to fully push aourselves into the eye of media and public.

UPSL League Opener

MBCF’s inaugural game also was the 2020 UPSL League wide season opener.

Our commitment to the Community.

MBCF plans to unite the city of Miami Beach under one cause and a club and continuously give back to the community that helps bring it up.
Our club has partenered with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, commiting 10% of all nets profits to the Chamber, supporting all the public schools in the area.

We will have players and coaching staff joining schools, hospitals, and other events in the city as well as host clinics and training sessions to promote and teach soccer in the community.

Miami Beach Club de Fútbol will also be the world’s first fútbol club with enviromental clean-up initiative. Our team and academy members will partake in beach cleanups, fundraisers, and other eco-friendly projects in order to keep our beautiful city clean and prosperous.

Why fútbol in Miami Beach?

Soccer is the fastest rising sport in the United States in terms of popularity. Soccer is on pace to pass baseball as the country’s 3rd most popular sport and is now the favorite sport of millions of Americans and risign quickly.

The newfound succes of the MLS is a major factor in the future popularity of Miami Beach CF aswell. MLS popularity has risen by 27% in the past 5 years and with the edition of Inter Miami FC, South Florida is feeling the fútbol fever more so than anyone else in the country.

We will build a unique and passionate community here in Miami Beach. The city is a melting pot and with soccer being the #1 sport globally, we will not have a lack of interest. The World Cup is coming to the USA in 2026 and with the city of Miami most likely hosting a game ensures that this soccer obession is not going anywhere.

Miami beach’s global audience

Residents living in Miami Beach and over 3 million in the greater Miami Area.

Overnight visitors to Miami Area (mostly the beach) each year.

Spent by tourists each year in the greater Miami Area, and growing by 2%.


Of that large expenditure number is comprised of money from foreigners.

Total businesses located in the Miami Beach Area.

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Miami Beach, Florida, USA.